Strategies to Increase Interest in Literature

We have all been there: sitting in reading class daydreaming or distracted while the teacher is going over the assigned reading from the night before. This daydreaming and distraction can be seen most often when students are uninterested. But how can we get these students interested?

After thinking back to when we were in school, or even about classes we are in now, we can admit that we are uninterested in the material at times. The times we have found ourselves to be interested is when the topic or book relates to us in some way. We feel that if a student is interested in or can connect to a reading, they will actively listen and participate in the classroom.

At first we looked at the ways teachers foster interest in literature to their students; however, we have found that interest is more personal. Being able to chose one’s own reading, to read about something one is interested in, and to read at one’s own place are all ways to increase students interest in literature.

Connected Learning Alliance believes in interest-driven learning. This alliance allows people to connect to others based on their interests and inspire others to set goals in their learning. It teaches young people that learning can be social, participatory, interest-driven, and relevant to their lives.

This leave us to wonder how we could incorporate this philosophy of connectedness and interaction in the classroom that Connected Learning Alliance fosters in its members. What do you think?

-Morgan, Emily, Elizabeth, Seth


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